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Pianoman continues to be made possible only by the unstinting support of Sir and Lady Harvey McGrath who have shared this vision since its original concept in 2004. Sir Harvey has not only been a tremendous source of inspiration for the project, he is now the primary provider for so much good being given to so many young people, including a good number from under-privileged backgrounds. The programme (originally PianoMan, which ran for five years under sponsorship from Man Group plc), has enabled me to visit more than 400 schools and work with countless gifted young pianists. There is no doubt we have helped many individual young pianists achieve places at Oxbridge and other top universities as well as scholarships to the major UK conservatoires. I wish to express my sincere and heartfelt thanks to Sir Harvey and Lady Allison, not only on behalf of hundreds of schools and thousands of pupils, but for their faith in my own chosen path during the recent years of my professional life as a musician.

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Richard Meyrick

National Programme

We've been operating since 2004 with over 300 schools taking part.

Our Scholarships

Free lessons in London, Expenses paid and places on residential courses.

The Masterclasses

Free, at your school, with international concert pianist Richard Meyrick.

Everything Is Free

100% free to schools and students with absolutely no strings attached.