Pianoman Videos

Below is a selection of videos featuring Richard and our scholars.  To access all our videos and audio, visit our YouTube channel

Parents' View:

Tim & Monica Lawes

Tim and Monica talk about their daughter Bethany's experience

Richard Meyrick Masterclass

The Teachers' View

Two staff hosts reflect on the Richard Meyrick Masterclass

National Programme

We've been operating since 2004 with over 300 schools taking part.

Our Scholarships

Free lessons in London, Expenses paid and places on residential courses.

The Masterclasses

Free, at your school, with international concert pianist Richard Meyrick.

Everything Is Free

100% free to schools and students with absolutely no strings attached.

Piano Concerto No.1

Pianoman Gala Concert at UBS, November 2015

Cuatro Estaciones Porteñas

Michael Cullen, Melanie Overy, Patryk Frac and John Young with violinist Ksenia Berezinaand and 'cellist Alisa Lubarskaya

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Olivia Clarke and Will Bracken

Pianoman Residential Course: Nottingham 2015

Bethany Lawes with violinist Emma Purslow

A Parent's View:
Kathryn Godfrey

Kathryn shares her reflections on daughter Olivia Clarke's time with Pianoman

BT Tower Concert

April 2015

Richard Meyrick
in Concert

The PianoMan Launch Recital, 2005